Because talent matters

There is a war for talent and finding the right skills, particularly in Customer Engagement and Marketing Technology, is increasingly difficult. The simple way to win is to focus on a partner with the right domain expertise to bring talent right to your doorstep.


Finding the right hire has more to do than checking the boxes on the job description. Culture and personality fit have a direct impact on retention and growth of smart hires.


Our Customer Success team is tasked with understanding your key business objectives, the types of roles you are trying to fill and where they fall within the organization to find the best fit.


Talent is everything. Our talent working with your talent creates growth, profitability and success. Our client retention rates are the best indicator of our partners' results.

Our Beliefs

SC Consulting employees are hired and evaluated based on our core beliefs. We reward our employees for living our beliefs and practicing them with our partners and our coworkers.

One Team…Endless Possibilities

Our Team

We hire for culture fit and skillset before we hire for a specific position. We'd love to talk you about being a part of our growing team.