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IBM has predicted that the demand for data scientists will grow 28% by 2020. At SC, we understand these trends better than most and are well-positioned to help your organization recruit this talent more quickly and efficiently than perhaps any other staffing firm in the country.

We have developed relationships with numerous education centers, resource hubs, and within our own professional networks that enables us to find the right talent at the right time for the right job. As it turns out, the demand for these types of professionals means that big data scientists or machine learning personnel actually prefer to speak with recruiters because they know we offer them the best chance of getting them careers they want.

To learn more about solutions for hiring machine learning, AI, or digital analytics professionals in the big data space, check out our methodologies and processes below.


Solutions for Hiring in Big Data Today

The bulk of data science and analytics (DSA) job demand comes from the IT, professional services, and finance industries. On average, these professionals are paid between $105,000 and $120,000, and job postings in this sector typically remain open around a month and a half.

With the annual demand for DSA jobs soaring to 700,000 and the overall professional niche expanding to 2,720,000 jobs in the US by 2020, it can be challenging to attract the attention of these highly sought-after individuals. Couple that with the fact that hiring companies then have to spend resources on new training programs and weigh the risk of future productivity, and it is no wonder so many HR departments are struggling to attract, place, and maintain the right talent.

Amongst the most difficult to recruit for are those in the data science, big data, and machine learning space, although data scientists roles are expected to grow the most quickly.

For specialized help finding big data individuals or teams to help your company grow, contact us today and learn how we are uniquely suited to help you win. In addition to permanent placement, we also offer recruiting services for temp, contract, or temp to permanent jobs.

Big Data Staffing Services

Permanent Placement

On average, a bad hire costs at least $25,000 in the first year alone. Make good hires through our proven process.

Temp and Contract Work

Scale your resources up or down on demand, or project to project, with our temp and contract-based services.

Temp to Permanent

Hire for temporary assignments and gauge candidate performance or business growth before permanent commitments.

Big Data Hiring Process