Machine Learning/Decisioning Systems Staffing & Recruiting


SC specializes in recruiting talented machine learning and decisioning systems employees for companies of all sizes. We understand that senior-level machine learning (ML) talent can’t be sourced at the same places as junior-level talent, and we have the networks in place to seek employees at any level.

Starting with an in-depth look into your business goals and strategies, we plan our go to market candidate search based on your short- and long-term goals, existing or desired system, and a multitude of other custom criteria that we have developed over time.

Learn more about some of the solutions we use to hire in ML, our staffing services, and our hiring process.

Solutions for Hiring in Machine Learning/Decisioning Systems Today

Big or small, companies other than Amazon, Google or Microsoft also have challenges hiring machine learning talent successfully. For lesser-known companies, the most difficult aspect is often not finding the caliber of talent you need -- that’s what we do -- it’s offering competitive compensation packages and opportunities that lure talent away from the household names.

Amazon is the top machine learning talent seeker, spending about $230 million each year to hire the right employees. Google is no shrimp either, putting out $130 million for recruiting each year. While these companies may be the big guns in town, there are ample opportunities to attract solid talent no matter the size of your organization.

The solution to this problem is partnering with recruitment agencies who specialize in headhunting machine learning and decisioning systems specialists. Not only does this give you better access to a talent pool, but saves time finding and hiring the right talent, resulting in cost savings.

Machine learning and decisioning systems specialists don’t need to look for jobs; jobs need to look for them. With our help and exclusive network we can help you place one or more machine learning experts quickly and allow you to focus your efforts on growth.

Machine Learning/Decisioning Systems Staffing Services

Permanent Placement

On average, a bad hire costs at least $25,000 in the first year alone. Make good hires through our proven process.

Temp and Contract Work

Scale your resources up or down on demand, or project to project, with our temp and contract-based services.

Temp to Permanent

Hire for temporary assignments and gauge candidate performance or business growth before permanent commitments.

Machine Learning/Decisioning Systems Hiring Process