Call Center Technology Staffing & Recruiting


SC helps organizations hire top-tier call center talent and recruits teams that support your strategic goals.

Today’s call centers have changed. At their core, they are revenue generators, places where up-selling and cross-selling take center stage, and where customer support plays a vital role in onboarding or maintaining clients and customers.

On top of all that, technological advances allow you to measure, learn, and grow your call center so it operates at maximum efficiency and scale. Whereas you may have once needed call center staff who were friendly and familiar with your offerings, today’s call center technologists can bring a lot more to the table than ever before.

As you know, it all starts with the right staff. Learn more about the state of the call center industry and our process for hiring.

Solutions for Hiring in Call Center Technology Today

Many organizations that need call center help ramp up their hiring during seasonal spikes. We understand this ebb and flow and offer temp and contract staffing services to fill the voids. At the same token, we know that compromising on your hiring standards during peak times is a huge mistake and we take measures to understand your company and training processes so we can help place the best talent for your company.

We also understand that many organizations employ the use of personality tests and skills assessments to determine how a candidate will work with various customer interactions. We encourage this type of testing to help avoid employee turnover.

Before finding call center employees for your organization, we’ll have some in-depth conversations with you to understand your short- and long-term goals, the complexities of the position, and what your most successful candidate looks like. From there, we use a tried and true process to find the right employee, the first time.

Call Center Technology Staffing Services

Permanent Placement

On average, a bad hire costs at least $25,000 in the first year alone. Make good hires through our proven process.

Temp and Contract Work

Scale your resources up or down on demand, or project to project, with our temp and contract-based services.

Temp to Permanent

Hire for temporary assignments and gauge candidate performance or business growth before permanent commitments.

Call Center Technology Hiring Process