IBM has predicted that the demand for data scientists will grow 28% by 2020. At SC, we understand these trends better than most and are well-positioned to help your organization recruit this talent more quickly and efficiently than perhaps any other staffing firm in the country.

We have developed relationships with numerous education centers, resource hubs, and within our own professional networks that enables us to find the right talent at the right time for the right job. As it turns out, the demand for these types of professionals means that big data scientists or machine learning personnel actually prefer to speak with recruiters because they know we offer them the best chance of getting them careers they want.

To learn more about solutions for hiring machine learning, AI, or digital analytics professionals in the big data space, check out our methodologies and processes below.

Big Data


The sheer volume of data being created has dictated new platforms, tools and approaches to managing and harnessing the value of data. We place professionals versed in Big Data.

Machine Learning & AI


There is one area of technology that gets more buzz than Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These may include: visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.



Analytics is pervasive across all of technology as the evolution of tech has forced a shift from consuming information to gaining insights into what the data tells us. 



Given the sheer volume of technology platforms on the market - estimates the number at over 7,000 in just Marketing Technology alone - finding people who understand and can execute integration, particularly data-based integration between platforms becomes essential to enterprise technology deployments. 



Reporting exists in almost every business focused solution on the market.  Modern information work has been defined by an ability to consume role or context specific reporting or to create custom reporting based on desired information consumption needs.



Marketing technology has rallied around the notion of a "single version of the truth", a "golden customer record" or "an operational profile". Customer Data Platforms, Master Data Management Solutions and Digital Marketing Platforms all offer varying approaches to solving that problem.