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Do you need a marketing cloud ninja to help you connect every interaction your customers make? Someone to bring complicated, highly integrative systems like the Salesforce, Adobe or Oracle Marketing Cloud to life to streamline your communications across multiple channels?

At SC, we are your go-to resource for recruiting marketing cloud technologists with the goal of helping your company scale. With only a few industry players in this space, finding, and recruiting, top Martech talent can be challenging. Learn more about how our marketing cloud recruitment specialists will help you find the right talent for your organization the first time around.

Ready to design, implement, and deploy an enterprise marketing cloud software across your organization? You’ll need to find a candidate who has a strong knowledge of marketing processes as well as in-depth experience with technical applications such as Adobe, Salesforce, or Oracle Marketing Cloud applications.

In addition to seeking an employee (or team) who is familiar with your favorite marketing cloud software, we seek to place those who have a innate ability to understand micro and macro pictures, who know how to communicate with lower and upper tiers of the command chain, and who can effectively demonstrate solutions to dynamic scenarios.

Marketing cloud talent