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Are you seeking an analytics expert to make sense of all your data and insights but don’t know where to look? At SC, we are an industry leader in staffing for digital and engagement analytics positions and can help you build your dream team, fast.

Whether you are looking for some expertise pulling details out of custom reports from free tools like Google Analytics, or are looking to utilize analytics platforms that incorporate advanced data sets and machine learning like Adobe Analytics, we can help.

Learn more about how we help companies of all sizes find top talent in the data analytics space.

Solutions for Hiring Digital Analytics Managers Today

In our experience, companies have different internal hiring processes and needs. This holds especially true for those hiring talent in the digital analytics space. While some organizations simply want a candidate with the appropriate skills, others want a combination of skill sets, cultural match, leadership skills, and more.

Our first step in finding you the right employee is learning more about your company, its goals, and how the role impacts the big picture. This is why each of our engagements starts with a client and job assessment so we know how to meet your expectations with the right candidate before we begin our search.

Keep in mind that this process also helps us determine what kind of educational standards you want and what to expect in the job market based on your offerings. When it comes to digital analytics, you can have your stock standard, self-taught Google Analytics Academy-trained employee (which is not a bad thing by any means), or you can have someone well-versed in the use of emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, data processing, analysis, and advanced segmentation as with Adobe Analytics or the Google Marketing Platform.

It is not uncommon for us to have discovery sessions with our clients and have them come away with the goal of hiring more advanced analytics personnel as they understand what data can do for them.

You can learn more about our hiring process below.

Digital Analytics Placement Expertise

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Digital Analytics Staffing Services

Permanent Placement

On average, a bad hire costs at least $25,000 in the first year alone. Make good hires through our proven process.

Temp and Contract Work

Scale your resources up or down on demand, or project to project, with our temp and contract-based services.

Temp to Permanent

Hire for temporary assignments and gauge candidate performance or business growth before permanent commitments.

Digital Analytics Hiring Process