“Mobile First” has become the siren song of Marketers everywhere. Simply having a responsive version of your website is no longer enough…it just looks like a smaller version of your website. Optimized mobile experiences require specific in house skills to either develop mobile applications and solutions, or to optimize a responsive site, with embedded capabilities specific to mobile.

With iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) consuming 90+% of mobile application efforts, finding the right, experienced mobile developers is critical.


  1. iOS, Android or Xamarin development experience
  2. Proficiency in web application design and development using Java, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, XML, Spring, JDBC/Hibernate/JPA, SOAP, REST.
  3. Understanding of geolocation services.
  4. Understanding of mobile security.
  5. Bluetooth LE.
  6. History of pushing finished consumer ready apps into the App or Play Stores.